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 Links to Historic Combat Resources  

Some links to historic combat resources on the web!

 The Schola Gladiatoria translation of Fiore Dei Liberi's manuscripts on armored and unarmored combat:

They also have a historic European martial arts discussion forum

The Exiles' tranlsations of the same manuscripts:

This group also has a discussion forum

Swordforum International: Check out the Historical European Swordsmanship forum

Jared Kirby's Rare Books - original, photocopies and modern reprints of historic manuals:

Chivalry Bookshelf - one of the leaders in publishing books on medieval history, arms and armor and historic combat:

 Master Gwylym's resource site:

 A timeline of historical European masters and manuscripts:

 The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts online manuals:

 The Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts online library:


 Some groups who practice historic European martial arts!

Chicago Swordplay Guild:

Schola Saint George:

Tattershall School of Defense:

Academia Della Spada:

Order of the Seven Hearts:

 Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts :

 Schola Gladiatoria:

 British Federation for Historical SSwordplay (an umbrella ogranization):

Historical European Martial Arts Coalition (another umbrella organization):

 Academie Duello:

Old World Martial Arts:

 Gallowglass Academy:

 Northwest Academy of Arms:

 Mid-Atlantic Society for Historical Swordsmanship:

Alliance Martial Arts:

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