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 Estrella War A&S Competition  

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Preregistration for Estrella War xxx A&S Competition [2014] Will open 1 January 2014. 

The Arts & Sciences Competition at the Estrella War is a high level, inter-kingdom competition inviting artisans from any Kingdom to compete within defined categories for rank and honor for their home Kingdom and to gain feedback from an inter-kingdom judging team. The categories for competition at each war are selected at least 12 months in advance by Crowns, giving artisans goodly time to prepare outstanding entries. In most cases, judging of these entries will take place on the Saturday of each war during the morning and afternoon, and the displays will open for a populace viewing period later that afternoon.

To learn how the Estrella War A&S Competition is run, please refer to The Estrella War Arts & Sciences Competition FAQ...

From a historical standpoint, there have been Arts & Sciences Competitions at Estrella Wars since Estrella War .i. (1985). With the kind assistance of Baron K. Braden von Sobernheim (OL, OP, GA), we have compiled a list of the categories for the Estrella War A&S Competitions from the beginning through Estrella .xxvix. (2013). Note that in the year 1990 the first treaty amongst the Principal Kingdoms for Estrella War was negotiated, and since Estrella War .vii. (1991), there have been three competition categories each year. The summary sheet may be viewed here:Estrella War A&S Categories 1985-2014.

Information for the upcoming 2014 Estrella War A&S Competition appears below, as soon as this information becomes available. [Also note that, because this is an Arts & Sciences website, I have used a common “medieval” form (as opposed to the “classical” form) of the Roman Numerals representing the Estrella War year; hence, “.xxvix.” represents the “XXVIX” used in the “official” Estrella War event title.]

NEW!  The Categories for Estrella War xxx (Estrella War xxx; March 2014) A&S Competition, decided by TRM Majesties Of Atenveldt, with assistance from KMoAS of Atenveldt, Master Raven Mayne, OL,  and the final report from a Society wide Poll results:
  • Dyeing: Any pre-17th Century item that has been treated to change the color through the process of dyeing; not painting or staining.  The main focus of the category is on the process used.  Documentation should include all materials used and a detailed description of the process.  Include specific time period or region and appropriateness for the material.  The process should be complete and have been applied to a medium.   Any actual dyes brought must be in a sealed container.
  • Favors:Traditional favors are tokens of love, affection or remembrance often given to fighters from their consorts in the SCA.  The favor is something that could be worn on the person and symbolizes a special relationship. The favor should be able to be feasibly worn, be made of any pre-17th century medium and be no larger than 12 inches in any direction.  The entry must be a completed item and have an SCA usage.NOTE: scarves, sleeves, or items of equal size can be entered, as an attached favor that could/would be folded in two to hang and or attach, will then fit in a 12 inch square.
  • Subtleties: Any pre-17th Century Western Europe presentation of food intended to be a form of entertainment.  Presentation should be documented to the time period and country.  Although the food items included should be originally edible, the finished product need not be edible.  A list of ingredients should be included with documentation as well as indicating whether or not the item is edible, and if it can be sampled.

NEW! The Competition Rules and Schedule for Estrella War .xxx. (March 2014), decided by Their Royal Majesties, with assistance from KMoAS Master Raven Mayne and the results from a Society wide Poll results:


  1. The winning item for each category shall be announced at Grand Court and entrant shall be given a single scroll provided by the Kingdom of Atenveldt.
  2. Each entrant is allowed only one entry per category. Multiple entrants for one entry are permissible, but said entry shall count as each person’s one entry in the category. For example, if a tournament chair is entered and 3 people have worked on it, the chair is the one entry allowed for each of those 3 people in that category.
  3. No entry may be entered if it has been previously entered in an official Estrella War Arts & Sciences Competition.
  4. All entries must adhere to the historical time frame of pre-1600 AD.
  5. All prospective entries for the Estrella War xxx A&S Competition must be pre-registered. Pre-registration must be received by Saturday 22 February 2014. Pre-registration forms will be made available through the A&S Ministers of the Principal Kingdoms or Kingdom representative(s), and will be available on the Estrella War XXX web site ( and/or the Atenveldt Arts & Sciences web site ( Scanned and emailed pre-registration (to is acceptable. On the preregistration form, entrants must select an SCA Kingdom (either their home Kingdom, or any other they choose to honor) to be represented by their entry. [Note: Also see Pre-Registration Information below…]
  6. Each entry must include written documentation. Documentation shall not exceed five (5) pages text in length. Additional pages for bibliographies and attachments (i.e., pictures, etc.) are permissible. Entrants must provide three (3) individual copies of the documentation at time of registration of their entry (one for each judge).
  7. All entries must be checked in by 9:30 am on the day of the Competition to be eligible to compete.
  8. Only completed articles, or portions of a work in progress that are complete, will be judged.
  9. Each entry shall be judged using a point-based system.
  10. There shall be a minimum of Two (2) judges for each category. 
  11. If a category exceeds 10 entries, then the judges will determine the top ten (10) items by a method agreeable to The Kingdom of Atenveldt A&S Minister. Those top 10 items will receive evaluation by all of the representative judges. Each of those items will receive a judging feedback form from each judge. The remainder of the items entries will be divided between the four judges and each of those entries will receive one judging feedback form.
  12. Each entry will be judged using the Judging Forms provided. The Judging Forms will be tabulated and the entry shall be awarded its combined total points. The category winner shall be determined by the entry with the highest total score.
  13. Entrants must be informed of disqualification of their item, if applicable, when checking in the morning of the Competition. Disqualification of an item may be appealed to the Principal Monarchs.
  14. The Ministers of Arts and Sciences shall finalize the Judging Forms for the Competition by 3 February 2013. Members of the populace may request copies of Judging Forms from the Ministers of Arts and Sciences or Kingdom representative(s).
  15. The Minister of Arts and Sciences for the Kingdom of Atenveldt will autocrat said competition. The Minister of Arts and Sciences for the Kingdom of Atenveldt, or a designated deputy, must arrive at the Competition area by 8:00 am. 
  16. Entrants must make their works available for public viewing. Entrants may not remove their entries from the Competition area before 5:00 pm MST. All entries must be retrieved by entrants by 6:00 pm MST.
  17. Entries may be delivered to the competition by someone other than the entrant, it is not required that the actual entrant present themselves to the competition.  
  18. The Competition will be closed to populace and entrants during judging.  Entrants are prohibited from staying with their entries in the judging areas while Competition is in progress.
  19. All entrants will be able to/must pick up their judging sheets after Grand Court has ended from the Competition Area.

NEW! The YOUTH Competition Rules and Schedule for Estrella War .xxx. (March 2014)


Saturday 1 March 2014; Location: Grand Court Area.

8:00 am – 9:30 am Check in of entries  
10:00 am Judging will commence All judges must be check in by 9:30 am
3:00 pm (approx) End judging  
(approx) 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm Populace viewing for static arts Opens as soon as judging is completed. Contestants may remove entries between 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm.
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm Deadline for artisans to collect entries Items may NOT be left in the Competition area overnight
Grand Court A&S Competition winner(s) announced  King and Queen of Atenveldt will announce the Categories that have been chosen for EW A&S 2014

NEW!  Pre-registration Information for the Estrella War .xxx. Competition (March 2014) is as follows:

Prospective entrants please note that pre-registration for the 2014 A&S Competition is required. A link to a form with all of the required information appears below. Pre-registrations must be received by Saturday 22 February 2014. Late pre-registrations will not be accepted, and entries brought to the Competition not pre-registered will be declined entry. Entrants are strongly encouraged to check on receipt of their pre-registration.

We will accept all applicable information in a facsimile of the "official" form or in an e-mail. The SIMPLE pre-registration form should be downloaded to a home system, printed, filled out, scanned (b/w, lower resolution please), and emailed as indicated or sent by US mail. The E-FORM online registration will automatically e-mail your entry information to the event steward. For all emailed pre-registrations, a note of receipt will be sent. Entrants mailing their forms are encouraged to call (see “Latest Information” below for phone number) for confirmation of receipt.

The “official” Pre-registration Form(s) may be found here:

  • The E-FORM is a convenient online pre-registration form that may be filled out and submitted on this website. Users should fill out the entire form and double-check the information before hitting the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the page. When the "SUBMIT" button has been activated, the completed form will be automatically e-mailed to the competition steward. 
  • The SIMPLE pre-registration form is a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) document that may be downloaded, printed, filled in (by hand), and either mailed (USPS) or scanned and e-mailed to complete the process: 

Pre-registration information should be sent to:

  • E-mail:
  • US Mail: Atenveldt Minister of Arts & Sciences, c/o Erik Contreraz, 4005 N 88th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85037

NEW!  Entrant Responsibilities for the Estrella War xxx Competition (March 2014) are as follows:
  • Entrants are assumed responsible for checking to make sure their pre-registration information has been received by the Competition Steward.
  • Entrants (or their designated personal representatives) are assumed responsible for the delivery of their entries and required documentations to the Competition site, as well as for the subsequent removal of all their materials when the Competition has closed (i.e., entrants/representatives must pick up their entry materials between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm on Saturday 31 March). Neither the Competition Steward nor any of the Competition staff are considered responsible for picking up, handling, or retaining any items entered after one (1) hour following the close of the Competition (6:00 pm).

NEW!  The Judging Sheets selected for Estrella War .xxx. Categories (March 2014) May be viewed HERE (all are in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF):
NEW!  The Latest Information concerning the Estrella War xxx (March 2014) A&S Competition may be obtained by contacting: Master Raven Mayne, OL,  Atenveldt Minister of Arts & Sciences,
NEW!  The Categories for Estrella War .xxx. (Estrella War xxx; 2014) A&S Competition.[DECIDED !!!!]
  • Dyeing (any period medium)
  • Personal Favours
  • Subtleties (food/cooking)

Poll for choosing the categories for Estrella War A&S Competition xxxi [2015].Click here to submit you choices:

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