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Kingdom Competition Judging Sheets 2011
 Kingdom Competition Judging Sheets 2011  

Judging Sheets
for the Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts & Sciences General Competition


Revised April 2014 CE

PLEASE NOTE: The Judging Sheets for the 2014 Atenveldt Kingdom A&S General Competition may be found below. Judging sheet updates are expected to involve several stages of adjustment over an extended period of time (i.e., this will be a continually ongoing process). The last time they needed to be updated was 2010, and have not needed to be updated since then. So all judging sheets are current as of 2014.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: The Championship Evaluation Committee (CSC) will use a new Championship Evaluation Sheet when reviewing each Champion candidate's Championship Display. A copy of the Champion Evaluation Sheet may be viewed here: 2014 A&S Champion Evaluation Sheet

The following Judging Sheets have had major revisions more recently than the original (2005) set:

  • Clothing—Footwear
  • Culinary Arts—Breads
  • Culinary Arts—Main Dishes
  • Culinary Arts—Side Dishes
  • Culinary Arts—Sweet Dishes
  • Heraldic Display
  • Historical Combat
  • Manuscript Arts—Bookbinding
  • Manuscript Arts—Calligraphy and/or Illumination
  • Manuscript Arts—Cartography
  • Music Composition
  • Other
  • Performing Arts—Music Performance
  • Spirits & Brewing—Meads & Wines
  • Spirits & Brewing—Beers, Ales, & Lagers
  • Toys & Games
  • Writing—Metrical Writing
  • Writing—Non-metrical Writing
  • Writing—Other Writing

    The links below will bring up a PDF file containing the Judging Sheet for each Category or Subcategory for the AS XLIX (October 4, 2014) A&S General, Youth, and Children's Division Competitions. For a better explanation of what may be placed into each Category or Subcategory, please refer to the Categories for the Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts and Sciences Competition document.

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