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 Kingdom of Atenveldt A&S Competition  

Kingdom of Atenveldt
Arts & Sciences Competition…

The Kingdom of Atenveldt A&S Competition provides a venue wherein interested artisans may have their artworks, based upon pre-17th century æsthetics, methods, and/or functionality, critiqued; where the populace may view the works of these artisans; where outstanding artisans may be recognized; and, by means of which an Atenveldt Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion may be selected to represent the glorious Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Information about the upcoming (or past, if the Competition date has passed) event appears below. The "About the xxxx Event…" section may be updated as the event approaches, so watch for changes. The Competition rules for all divisions, as well as the categories and judging sheets, are all available below (or by utilizing the A&S Competition Links to the right).

Atenveldt A&S Champion

THL Mariette Dominique du Beau

Atenveldt A&S Youth Champion

currently vacant

 Kingdom A&S Competition  

This Year's Kingdom of Atenveldt Arts & Sciences Competition

The Kingdom of Atenveldt does hereby call all Artisans and Scientists of our lands to participate in this years Kingdom Arts and Science Competitions being hosted in the lands of Granite Mountain. Who will be named as our new Arts & Science Champion? Please come and support the arts and the artisans of our great Kingdom. More information on the competition can be found on the Book of Faces under the event tab.

Date: September 28th & 29th
Time: 9 am – 5 pm
Location: American Heritage Academy
2030 E. Cherry St.
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
Adult Registration: $15.00
Adult Registration with Member Discount: $10.00
Youth 17 and under: Free

Populous Activities planned:
Saturday -The scribes of Granite Mountain will be hosting a Kingdom Scriptorium, so bring your inspirations, paper, paints and pens to a day filled with art.
Sunday – “Fiber Frivolity” is back! Eleanor Perigrine graciously gifted this event concept to the Barony of Granite Mountain. This is an all things fiber related salon. So, bring your projects to work on and enjoy a day of sharing and inspiration.

Food: Bring a sack lunch or there are several restaurants close by. Water, Ice tea or lemonade will be provided.

Site Info: Smoking is only allowed off of school property. Assistance animals only and must be on leash.  Weapons are not allowed on site except for kingdom regalia or specifically as competition entry. For more information please go to the Kingdom of Atenveldt page on the Book of Faces.

Site Fee Pre-registration through PayPal will open August 15, 2019 and close at midnight, 
September 14, 2019 at the following link:
Please contact Kingdom PayPal Deputy Exchequer, Lady Izza al Zarqa at for questions regarding payment.

Champion Entry Information
Champion contenders may enter a minimum of three (3) items and a maximum of five (5) to be judged as Champion entries. Additional items may be entered into the General Competition. The items must be in different categories, counting subcategories, and must comprise of at least three different medium types.  Each entrant is allowed 10 minutes for their presentation plus time for the Q & A portion.  Also, for a bardic entry the maximum time is 5 minutes along with the 10 minutes for the presentation and the Q & A.

Judging for Champion will be held on Sunday, September 29.

Champion entrants are encouraged, but not required, to submit a letter of intent to
Open or Novice Adult Entry Information
Novices, not Open, have the option of completing a simplified worksheet in lieu of traditional documentation. Please see the worksheet HERE, have it completed prior to competition, and bring it with you the day of competition. Either the worksheet or your own documentation is required at the time of the Competition.

Judging for these categories will be on Saturday, September 28, except for Performing Arts, which will be on Sunday, with the Champion judging.

Pre-registration of entries is HIGHLY encouraged.  To do so, click HERE.

Youth Champion or Open Youth and Child Information
Letters of intent are not required for Youth Champion this year. 

Youth and Child have the option of completing a worksheet in lieu of written documentation. Please see the Youth worksheet HERE, and the Child worksheet HERE, have the worksheet completed prior to competition, and bring it with you the day of competition. Either the worksheet or your own documentation is required at the time of the Competition.

Pre-registration of entries is HIGHLY encouraged.  To do so, click HERE

Site Coordinator:
Lady Cynthia de la Dale
Atenveldt Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences:
Mistress Aoife inghean Oisin

Kingdom A&S Competition Rules…
Please select a link below to view the indicated Atenveldt A&S Competition Rules set:
Kingdom A&S Competition Categories…
Please select the link below to view the Atenveldt A&S Competition Categories list:
Kingdom A&S Competition Judging Sheets…


Please select the link below to view the Atenveldt A&S General Competition Judging Sheets:
The following link will open a copy of the Champion Evaluation Sheet that will be used by the CSC when evaluating a candidate's display:
Updates to the judging sheets is a continually ongoing process. Revising the judging sheets provides judges with a better-tuned set of hints for judging each particular category or subcategory. This helps to reduce any potential misunderstanding of the criteria with respect to the entry. The judging sheets will also assist entrants when producing an artwork and when preparing documentation to accompany their entry.

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