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Atenveldt Kingdom Collegium * Collegium Teacher Registration Form
 Kingdom Collegium Teacher/Class Registration Form  


JUNE 6-7, 2015, in the BARONY OF ATENVELDT.

The Collegium Teacher/Class Registration Form at the link below may be submitted to the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences and event steward, for a class you are willing to teach. Please note that class proposals are preferred by May 10, 2015, but will be accepted until all available class slots are filled. All SCA Names of Teachers, what they taught, and their emails that they submit may be kept on file with the KMoAS office to be shared with the following Kingdom Collegium Coordinator and or Estrella War Collegium Coordinator by the KMoAS.

PLEASE FILL OUT ALL OF THE REQUIRED (indicated by a red asterisk * following the field name) FORM FIELDS BEFORE HITTING THE "SUBMIT" BUTTON AT THE BOTTOM OF THE FORM! If not all required fields have been selected/filled in, you will be immediately returned to the top of the page. Scroll down the page to the top of the form itself, and you should see a missing data message immediately under the "* Required Fields" note at the top of the form—you will need to fill in the required info and hit the "Submit" link once again. If the form has been correctly submitted, a "Thank You" message will appear, replacing the form itself.

One of the Kingdom Collegium 2015 staff will respond to you regarding your proposed class(es). If you do not receive a response within a reasonable time, please contact the Kingdom A&S Minister (contact info on home page) to check that your information has been received.

Please Be Aware: Classes that will be using some sort of flame, or if the class has or makes Alcohol, or if you want to have a fighting class of any kind  that the site may have strict rules that must be adhered to. If the Site Manager/Contact says no, the answer will be no.


Collegium Teacher Registration Form

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