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Atenveldt Kingdom A&S Competition
 Kingdom of Atenveldt A&S Competition  

About the Kingdom of Atenveldt
Arts & Sciences Competition…

The Kingdom of Atenveldt A&S Competition provides a venue wherein interested artisans may have their artworks, based upon pre-17th century æsthetics, methods, and/or functionality, critiqued; where the populace may view the works of these artisans; where outstanding artisans may be recognized; and, by means of which an Atenveldt Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion may be selected to represent the glorious Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Information about the upcoming (or past, if the Competition date has passed) event appears below. The "About the xxxx Event…" section may be updated as the event approaches, so watch for changes. The Competition rules for all divisions, as well as the categories and judging sheets, are all available below (or by utilizing the A&S Competition Links to the right).

 Kingdom A&S Competition  

Kingdom of Atenveldt
Arts & Sciences Competition

Saturday, October 3 & Sunday, October 4, 2015
9:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.

ASU-Polytechnic, 5999 S Backus Mall Mesa, AZ 85212


About the 2015 A&S Competition…

A&S COMPETITION: All Open, Novice, Youth, and Children's Division entries for the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Competition are REQUIRED to pre-register by September 7, 2015. A pre-registration form is available on the Atenveldt A&S Website. In addition, those with intent to become Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion MUST pre-register and submit a letter of intent to the Crown and the Kingdom A&S Minister (September 7, 2015). Please contact Lady Kirsten Maria Matz ( for clarification on any competition related matters. For a complete listing of the Kingdom A&S Competition rules of the competition, categories, or judging sheets please view the links to the right of this page and further down within this missive. 

SITE: This is a Tobacco free site, including e-cigs! DRY SITE! There is a zero tolerance by the site management-Alcohol is Strictly prohibited. (Judging of brewing entries is still to be determined.) Only assistance animals are permitted and must be leashed at all times. Weapons are not allowed on site except those used as part of Kingdom regalia or specifically as Competition entries. 

SCHEDULE: The site will open at 9:00 a.m. and entry check-in will begin at 9:30 a.m. Entry check-in will close at the start of opening court. The Site closes at 6:00 p.m. Information on court will be forthcoming, please see your usual event announcement venues.

ADDRESS: ASU-Polytechnic, 5999 S Backus Mall Mesa, AZ 85212

SITE FEE: Adults with proof of SCA membership: $5.00. Adults without proof of SCA membership: $10.00. Youth  age 17 and Under are Free.

For those who do not wish to enter the competition there will be both a Laurel showcase and a General Artisan Showcase. While documentation is not required to enter either showcase it is always encouraged. This is a great opportunity to get feedback on both completed and in progress projects.

We are happy to offer many activities over the course of the days. Look for more information to follow.

If you are interested in finding a location for lunch during the event or dinner after, there are a number of eateries in the area. The closest eateries are located at the Gilbert Gateway Town Center There is also a Subway and Starbucks in the Student Union. If you bring a picnic lunch there are several areas nearby to sit and enjoy said lunch. 
We welcome your questions about the event site and activities, and look forward to your visit. Best wishes on your entries!


If you are coming from the Southern part of the state:
  • Take the I-10 to the 202 east.
  • Take the 202 east to Williams Field Rd. (approx. 14 miles)
  • Exit on Williams Field Rd and turn East (right)
  • Take Williams Field Rd all the way to campus.  (approx. 3 miles)
  • Once on campus, follow signs to the Student Union. The Cooley Ballroom is located in the Union. 
  • Also see campus map HERE. If you have questions about access, please contact the event coordinator listed below.
If you are coming from the Northern part of the state:
  • Take the I-17 to the 101
  • Take the 101 to the US 60 East (approx. 31 miles)
  • Take the US 60 to the 202 (approx. 12 miles)
  • Take the 202 to Power. (approx. 5 miles)
  • Exit on Power and turn South
  • Follow Power to Williams Field Rd (approx. 1 mile)
  • Turn East on Williams Field Rd onto Campus
  • Once on campus, follow signs to the Student Union. The Cooley Ballroom is located in the Union. 
  • Also see campus map HERE. If you have questions about access, please contact the event coordinator listed below.

Event Coordinator:
 Master Seamus McDaid;

Atenveldt Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences: Lady Kirsten Maria Matz (Trina Taylor);

Kingdom A&S Competition Rules…

Please select a link below to view the indicated Atenveldt A&S Competition Rules set: There have been several rule changes to the adult rules since the 2014 competition. These are described and explained in a FAQ document that may be viewed here: There have been essentially no changes to the Youth and Children's Divisions Rules this year.

Kingdom A&S Competition Categories…

Please select the link below to view the Atenveldt A&S Competition Categories list:
There have been no Category revisions for Kingdom A&S Competition.

Kingdom A&S Competition Judging Sheets… 


Please select the link below to view the Atenveldt A&S General Competition Judging Sheets:
The following link will open a copy of the Champion Evaluation Sheet that will be used by the Champion Selection Committee when evaluating a Champion candidate's Championship Display:
  • Kingdom A&S Champion Evaluation Sheet (revision posted soon)
Updates to the judging sheets is a continually ongoing process. Revising the judging sheets provides judges with a better-tuned set of hints for judging each particular category or subcategory, helping to reduce any potential subjectivity introduced due to misunderstanding of the criteria with respect to the entry. The revised judging sheets will also assist entrants when producing an artwork and when preparing documentation to accompany their entry. Each year we hope to provide judging sheet revisions.

Kingdom A&S Competition Pre-registration…

The competition rules specify that all entries in the Open, Novice, Youth, and Children's Divisions are REQUIRED to pre-register. This saves much time and confusion at the event, and allows the A&S Minister to have appropriate judges invited well in advance of the event. There is a DEADLINE: "Completed pre-registration forms must be postmarked to or received by the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences, or by the Kingdom Emergency Deputy A&S Minister, BY September 7, 2015!!!! Champions registrations are due by September 7, 2015. There will be no extensions this year due to the need to accommodate the new rule changes! The MANUAL forms may be transmitted by US Mail, by email (scanned;Jpeg, etc), or by hand delivery. Any reasonable facsimile of this form (i.e., a simple e-mail, letter, or even a telephone call or well-organized message) containing ALL necessary information, will be accepted." There are two possible forms. The first is an automated e-form that may be submitted easily online. The second is a manual form that may be used by those not having success with the automated form due to slow internet access, no access to a computer, etc. These are both accessible below...

Please select the link below to view the AUTOMATED Atenveldt A&S Competition Entry Pre-registration E-Form:
Please select the link below to view the MANUAL Atenveldt A&S Competition Entry Pre-registration Form: NOTE: Use the MANUAL pre-registration form as follows:
  1. If possible, print the form. (If this is not possible, read the form carefully and provide all required information using another format.)
  2. Read the form carefully. If you have any questions, contact your local A&S Officer, or contact the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences.
  3. Complete the entrant information (top) portion of the form. SCA Name and contact information (e-mail address and/or telephone number) are required, as are responses to questions 2 and 3 on the form.
  4. Complete one line in the entry table for each of your proposed entries. Please print legibly! For each entry, you must supply:
    • A Category or Subcategory name (see the A&S Competition Categories (see above for link) for Open or Novice Division categories, or refer to the Youth and Children's Division Rules for the Youth and Children's Division categories);
    • A short name or description of the entry;
    • Into which Competition the entry will be placed (General or Champion);
    • The Division into which the entry is being placed [NOTE: This applies to entries destined for the General Competition or the Youth or Children's Divisions—this field may be ignored if the entry in that line is a Champion Competition entry.]; and,
    • If the entry is destined for the General Competition, an indication of whether or not the entry is a Group Entry.
  5. If any of the entries are Group Entries, all of the members of the group should be named in the final section of the form.
  6. Transmit the completed form to the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences, or to the Emergency Deputy Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences, by the deadline indicated. You may scan and e-mail the completed form (try to keep the file small–black and white medium resolution JPEG is OK), send by US Postal Service, or hand deliver the pre-registration form (other methods are, for the most part, also acceptable).

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