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Atenveldt Kingdom A&S Competition
 Kingdom of Atenveldt A&S Competition  

About the Kingdom of Atenveldt
Arts & Sciences Competition…

The Kingdom of Atenveldt A&S Competition provides a venue wherein interested artisans may have their artworks, based upon pre-17th century æsthetics, methods, and/or functionality, critiqued; where the populace may view the works of these artisans; where outstanding artisans may be recognized; and, by means of which an Atenveldt Kingdom Arts & Sciences Champion may be selected to represent the glorious Kingdom of Atenveldt.

Information about the upcoming (or past, if the Competition date has passed) event appears below. The "About the xxxx Event…" section may be updated as the event approaches, so watch for changes. The Competition rules for all divisions, as well as the categories and judging sheets, are all available below (or by utilizing the A&S Competition Links to the right).

 Kingdom A&S Competition  

Kingdom of Atenveldt
Arts & Sciences Competition
 October 1-2, 2016

Volunteering to Judge? Please click HERE.

Greetings to the Glorious Kingdom of Atenveldt!

Please pay heed! We would like to announce that The Kingdom Arts and Science Competition will take place on the weekend of October 1st & 2nd, 2016. Within our beautiful northern lands of Granite Mountain, in the city of Cottonwood.

Site: American Heritage Academy 
2030 E Cherry Street Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Gate Fee: ­ $10, member discounted fee $5

Site opens for Competitors at 8 am Gate opens at 9 am for general populace. Site closes at 6 pm. We invite you to come and enjoy a weekend filled with competition, lectures, demos and classes. We will be saying goodbye to our outgoing A&S Champion and welcome in the new A&S Champion! Along with the competition of our fine arts and the search for the new champion there will be activities for all to enjoy!

Among the activities schedule for the Saturday are.... Classes, demo’s, heralds point, an artisan's display of those items not quite finished, a silent auction to help raise funds for future judges’ luncheons, a gaming room of period games, the youth corner.

On Saturday, the Cooks Guild of Atenveldt will be providing a luncheon feast for everyone to enjoy!

On Sunday, come back, talk to the artisans about their works of arts, partake of more classes and demos and find out who the new champion is!

Look for future announcements of activities, demos and classes!

****This is a VERY dry, non-smoking site. An off campus smoking area, will be provided. (Judging of brewing entries will be off site. Instructions will be sent to entrants after registration.)

****Assistant, leashed pets only.

****Weapons are not allowed on site except those used as part of Kingdom regalia or specifically as Competition entries.

Court will begin at their Majesties pleasure and activities and judging will begin shortly after court. (To be announced)

*Their Royal Majesties will be calling all circles (Laurels, Pelicans, Knights, Masters of Defense) so that our crown Prince and Princess may attend before they begin their reign. Times will be announced at a later date.

On Sunday, we will be holding a 6 pack largess derby to fill the largess coffers for the new reign.

Quick 6 Largess Derby:
Make 6 like items (pairs count as 1 item)
Make sure you label/tag them with you information (name, barony and kingdom).
Winner will be determined by a populace vote (via the pebble in cup method).
Winners Prize: 1st ­ select 3 items from entries, 2nd ­ select 2 items from entries, 3rd ­ select 1 item from entries.

***If you would like to hold a workshop, lecture or demo please use the link that will be posted on the Book of Faces Event on the Kingdom of Atenveldt Page.

About the 2016 A&S Competition…

Going for Champion! NEW CHANGES FOR 2016

The requirement of entering five (5) items has been changed! You now only need three (3) items with the following requirements: the items must be in different categories, counting subcategories, and must comprise of three different medium types.

Deadline for Champions' letters of intent is September 1, 2016. All Champion entrants must submit a letter of intent to the Crown,, and the KMOAS office, **Pre-­registration of Champions' items deadline is September 15, 2016. The electronic pre-­registration form can be found on this page in the links section at the top right and also further down this page. As always, documentation is required for all entries.

Entering in the Open or Novice Competition?

NEW this year!! Novices only, have the option of completing a worksheet in lieu of written documentation. Please see the worksheet here, have it completed prior to competition, and bring it with you the day of competition.

The electronic pre-­registration form can be found on this page in the links section at the top right and also further down this page. **For Novice, there is an optional documentation worksheet to be found in the links section at the top right of this page.

Entering for Youth Champion or Open Youth and Child categories!

Letters of intent for Youth Champion are due to the Crown,, and the KMOAS office,, by September 1, 2016. The pre-registration of Youth Champions' items deadline is also September 15, 2016.

All other Youth and Child entrants can still pre-register their items.

Event Coordinator: Lady Cynthia de la Dale, MoAS Granite Mountain (

Atenveldt Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences: THL Jacquelin de Normandy (

Kingdom A&S Competition Rules…

Please select a link below to view the indicated Atenveldt A&S Competition Rules set: There have been essentially no changes to the Youth and Children's Divisions Rules this year.

Kingdom A&S Competition Categories…

Please select the link below to view the Atenveldt A&S Competition Categories list:
There have been no Category revisions for Kingdom A&S Competition.

Kingdom A&S Competition Judging Sheets… 


Please select the link below to view the Atenveldt A&S General Competition Judging Sheets:
The following link will open a copy of the Champion Evaluation Sheet that will be used by the Champion Selection Committee when evaluating a Champion candidate's Championship Display: Updates to the judging sheets is a continually ongoing process. Revising the judging sheets provides judges with a better-tuned set of hints for judging each particular category or subcategory, helping to reduce any potential subjectivity introduced due to misunderstanding of the criteria with respect to the entry. The revised judging sheets will also assist entrants when producing an artwork and when preparing documentation to accompany their entry. Each year we hope to provide judging sheet revisions.

Kingdom A&S Competition Pre-registration…

The competition rules specify that all entries in the Open, Novice, Youth, and Children's Divisions are REQUIRED to pre-register. This saves much time and confusion at the event, and allows the A&S Minister to have appropriate judges invited well in advance of the event. There is a DEADLINE: Champions letters of intent are due by September 1, 2016, and registrations are due by September 15, 2016. 

Please select the link below to view the AUTOMATED Atenveldt A&S Competition Entry Pre-registration E-Form:
If you are unable to process a Pre-registration E-Form, please send an email to & if we can't work through the issue a MANUAL form will be provided.

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